CommonEdits is working with Timbaland, Warner Brothers, Capitol Studios, and Universal Music Group to create the worlds first remixable audio library.

“Upload original audio and earn passive income from remixes.” – Timbaland

100% automated royalty distribution!

How to participate:
1) Register for our Webinar
2) Create an account for $9 per month (bonus code: 1monthfree)
3) Upload original audio – stems, vocals, beats, sound fx, etc.
4) Split streaming royalties with remix artists

Remix Royalty Splits:
Original Audio Creators (you) = 70%
Remixers = 20%
Publishing = 10%

2017 Artist Payouts: $223,418.33
2018 Artist Payouts: $147,321.97 (current)

Join now for $9 per month and begin uploading unlimited stems, vocals, beats, sound fx, and complete songs! Enrollment is limited to 200 137 artists.

Use Bonus Code: 1monthfree

Watch our Webinar on September 26th at 5pm PST to learn more.

Winner of AT&T’s entertainment software challenge.

Dia Simms, President of Combs Enterprises, asking for Puff Daddy’s cut!

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AT&T Ent App Challenge: CEO Matthew Lewis & Artist Adam Seigler

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