• Initial Pitch at DFW Startup Weekend


    “My name is Matthew Lewis and I’m a gangster.”

    That was the opening line to my first ever pitch competition. It was an attempt to convey my approach to the music industry, which I felt was being unfair to new artists and needed some major disruption.

    Funny thing is I almost didn’t go. My nerves we’re getting the best of me and it took a reassuring phone call from my wife to get me to drive to Addison, TX and pitch my open source music idea. My life would be completely different if I had stayed home, drank a beer, and watched Netflix that weekend.

    Instead, I got the courage to head to @DFWNod and dive headfirst into my first “Startup” experience. Their setup had a bunch of entrepreneurs give 60 second pitch’s. The audience voted for their favorite 10 ideas and your boy Matt made it to the next round!

    Now it was time for the 24 hour hackathon.