Open Source Hip Hop

If you are interested in participating in the next Open Source Mixtape or Hip Hop Showcase please fill out the form below. This is Music 2.0, a Global Collaboration!!!

Who: Independent Hip Hop Emcees and Producers

What: Open Source Hip Hop Music, Mixtape 2.0 – A Global Collaboration

1) Open Source Beat Contest: $100

If you think you are the baddest producer in the world then submit your best beats to our Open Source Beat Contest. Our Social Media followers will vote to determine their favorite artists who will receive $100 via paypal.

Note: All submissions should be licensed through Creative Commons to allow for non-commercial use by other artists!

2) Open Source Emcee Contest: $100

If you are one of the baddest Emcees in the world please visit our Open Source Beats page. Find a beat that matches your style and create a song. Upload the song to your SoundCloud or Youtube account and submit a link to Our Social Media followers will vote to determine their favorite artists who will receive $100 via PayPal.

Note: These Open Source Songs are for non-commercial use unless you are given permission from the Producer, please use Creative Commons licensing when you upload to SoundCloud or Youtube.

3) Open Source Showcase: Priceless

After the contest is complete and we have determined who the top 10-20 artists are will put together an Open Source Hip Hop Showcase. The amount of artist participation will directly effect the type of showcase we can have. The first showcase in Dallas Texas and was the most surreal experience of my life. It included a Freestyle Studio Session, Green Screen Music Video Shoot, and Live Streamed Performance at Zubar.  The next showcase will be in either New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Dallas.

Sign Up today for exclusive offers and an increased say in the development of our community!

- Matt Lewis

Open Source Hip Hop
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